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Caliber: .308 Win.
Capacity: 4
Features: Pre-mounted scope @ 100 yards
Action: Bolt
Stock: Synthetic
Material/Finish: Carbon steel
Scope: Pre-mounted 3-9X40mm scope
Weight: 8.5 pounds
Barrel Length: 22"
Twist: 1 in 10"
Length of Pull: 13.375"
Overall Length: 42.5"
Drop at Comb: 1.125"
Drop at Heel: 1.375"

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Hunting Fails

We all were anticipating a fairly easy catch by these 2 hunting lions. But this turned out to be a hilarious fail by them!

Taken on a Safari in South Africa.

Video by: Natasha

Tons of hunting fails and stupid people with guns!!

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Often heralded as Alaska's "best kept secret," Prince of Wales Island's Thorne Bay Lodge offers saltwater fishing, river fishing, and hunting opportunities sure to make even the most well-versed outdoorsman happy.

Located on Alaska's Prince of Wales Island (the third biggest island in the United States), Thorne Bay Lodge is a hunter's and fisherman's dream destination. The lodge is nestled in the forested hills covering the island and is only a hop, skip, and jump away from the water. In fact, visitors to the area must take either a 30 minute float plane ride or a 3 hour ferry ride to reach the island. The folks from Thorne Bay Lodge pick you up at the dock.

Thorne Bay Lodge acts as a homey and comfortable base camp for those wishing to explore the island's many opportunities for outdoor adventure. At the heart of the lodge's many offerings are saltwater fishing, river fishing, and hunting opportunities that are available as both guided or self-guided outings.

River fishing on Prince of Wales Island is unlike fishing anywhere else. Thousands of streams are fed by 8

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Zen monks in robes don’t exactly elicit images of hunting, so what could the two have in common? Although you’d be hard-pressed to find a monk who enjoys hunting in his leisure time, the Zen philosophy is less about what you do and more about how you do it. Applied to hunting, Zen allows you to experience the skill through a different perspective, with greater focus and awareness.


On an average day, you might find yourself on autopilot during most activities, with your brain scurrying around in different directions—chasing thoughts about the past, the future. Such thoughts lose some of their grip when you’re outdoors hunting, but only in the heat of the chase does your mind let go of all superfluous thoughts and worries to become fully present in the moment.

Zen practice gives you greater access to this state of presence. Whenever you find your mind wandering during the more tedious aspects of hunting, try closing your eyes for a moment to focus on your breathing. If you like, you could sit down on the ground to carry out this practice. Maintain a dignified

Hunting in the great outdoors can be an exhilarating experience. It can change to a stressful and even dangerous situation if the hunter becomes lost. Hunters can become lost for a number of reasons, including following an injured animal into unfamiliar areas, changing weather, and illness or injuries.

Before a hunting trip, people can become familiar with the overall hunting area using the Internet. Google Earth, as an example, gives satellite-based views of virtually anywhere on earth. Before the trip, use an overhead view to become familiar with easily recognized landmarks, local roads and lakes, or areas where people live who can provide assistance.

Global positioning systems (GPS) can be an advantage when hunting in remote areas. Like all electronics, a good battery supply is critical to provide power when needed. Extra batteries, secondary power supplies, and turning off the GPS unit when in familiar areas can extend battery life. GPS units usually include a marker feature that can place saved coordinates at spots chosen by the user. This feature can be used to mark

Wall Hangers


This is a down the arrow look at a giant buck. Could you hold it together?