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I was 14 years old last time I was here in Saskatchewan Canada on a bear hunt. It is so cool to be back at the same exact place. Not much has changed up here. It is super remote and there are bears everywhere. When I shot this bear we were filming for an outdoors tv show and I was so excited. Stay tuned for the next few videos there are bears bears and more bears. Hope you all enjoyed this video!


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Hunting Fails

Tons of hunting fails and stupid people with guns!!

We all were anticipating a fairly easy catch by these 2 hunting lions. But this turned out to be a hilarious fail by them!

Taken on a Safari in South Africa.

Video by: Natasha

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Often heralded as Alaska's "best kept secret," Prince of Wales Island's Thorne Bay Lodge offers saltwater fishing, river fishing, and hunting opportunities sure to make even the most well-versed outdoorsman happy.

Located on Alaska's Prince of Wales Island (the third biggest island in the United States), Thorne Bay Lodge is a hunter's and fisherman's dream destination. The lodge is nestled in the forested hills covering the island and is only a hop, skip, and jump away from the water. In fact, visitors to the area must take either a 30 minute float plane ride or a 3 hour ferry ride to reach the island. The folks from Thorne Bay Lodge pick you up at the dock.

Thorne Bay Lodge acts as a homey and comfortable base camp for those wishing to explore the island's many opportunities for outdoor adventure. At the heart of the lodge's many offerings are saltwater fishing, river fishing, and hunting opportunities that are available as both guided or self-guided outings.

River fishing on Prince of Wales Island is unlike fishing anywhere else. Thousands of streams are fed by 8

Caught On Camera!

Check out this huge non-typical mule deer buck we got on our trail camera!

These are the craziest pictures ever captured on a trail Cam! From the spooky to the bizarre; these pictures are sure to make you put up your own camera.

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One of the great pleasures of a hunting trip is the opportunity to leave behind the familiar urban places and head into the mountains, woods and marshes. There are no crowds, malls or six-lane roads, no traffic noise or strip malls. The unfamiliarity of your hunt also usually increases the possibility of getting lost. Learning to navigate across the land with certainty and confidence is a vital skill for any hunter.

Becoming lost is more than just about the embarrassment (although there's always a lot of that involved): It can become dangerous to have to spend an unplanned night - or longer - in the woods, with injury and exposure-related harm as constant dangers. Aside from personal safety, being lost affects friends and family, who can quickly become very concerned if you don't return on schedule. Most of all, a lost hunter can result in searchers spending time and effort to find them, at great expense and potentially placing the searchers themselves in danger.

It's always possible to get lost - even the famed experienced frontiersmen of old reported getting "turned around

Have you been thinking about taking your kids on a family hunting trip? Hunting can be an exciting and interesting sport, so it's natural to want your children to get to experience the thrill of hunting with you. Unfortunately, many hunters aren't sure if it's appropriate to bring their children along. After all, won't hunting scar your children emotionally? Isn't hunting something dangerous? Could you children get hurt? No matter how old your children are, it's important to carefully consider whether or not they're ready to go hunting before you take them out. If you're ready to experience hunting with your family, there are a number of ways to decide if your kids are old enough to come along.

First off, take a look at how responsible your kids are. How are their grades? What is their behavior like? Any child that goes hunting with his parents needs to understand that hunting is a huge responsibility. It's not a game, nor is it something that should be taken lightly. If you want to take your kids hunting, you need to decide whether they're emotionally and physically responsible

Wall Hangers


Double Droptine Ranch
November 10, 2015
23 yard bow kill
Gross Score: 277 1/8"