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Featured Weapon

Top 10 Best EDC Knives

The knife is the most important tool in your hunting, traveling, camping or your backpacking journey. Lightweight smart carry bale pocket knife is one of the most using tools in your journey. Multi-purpose using techniques are the greatest effort to a knife.

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The knife is the most important tool in your indoor and outdoor works. You can carry your knife in anywhere and any places. To doing some or big tasks. There are many kinds of famous knife brand are popular in the market.

Some are the EDC knife, some are pocket knife fixed and folding both are available in the market.

Hunting Fails

Tons of hunting fails and stupid people with guns!!

We all were anticipating a fairly easy catch by these 2 hunting lions. But this turned out to be a hilarious fail by them!

Taken on a Safari in South Africa.

Video by: Natasha

Featured Outfitter / Lodge

Often heralded as Alaska's "best kept secret," Prince of Wales Island's Thorne Bay Lodge offers saltwater fishing, river fishing, and hunting opportunities sure to make even the most well-versed outdoorsman happy.

Located on Alaska's Prince of Wales Island (the third biggest island in the United States), Thorne Bay Lodge is a hunter's and fisherman's dream destination. The lodge is nestled in the forested hills covering the island and is only a hop, skip, and jump away from the water. In fact, visitors to the area must take either a 30 minute float plane ride or a 3 hour ferry ride to reach the island. The folks from Thorne Bay Lodge pick you up at the dock.

Thorne Bay Lodge acts as a homey and comfortable base camp for those wishing to explore the island's many opportunities for outdoor adventure. At the heart of the lodge's many offerings are saltwater fishing, river fishing, and hunting opportunities that are available as both guided or self-guided outings.

River fishing on Prince of Wales Island is unlike fishing anywhere else. Thousands of streams are fed by 8

Caught On Camera!

These are the craziest pictures ever captured on a trail Cam! From the spooky to the bizarre; these pictures are sure to make you put up your own camera.

MN wildlife cams Visit our website at: Or facebook: https://www.facebook

Featured Articles

If only more organizations could do what Pap's Shed Outdoor Club does on a regular basis.

As defined in their mission statement, "The purpose of this corporation shall be to provide hunting or fishing experiences for children and adults afflicted with life-changing illnesses, injuries, and disabilities within Dauphin, Cumberland, and Perry counties."

Founded by Kenneth Peck, Pap's Shed Outdoor Club is dedicated to providing one-of-a-kind hunting and fishing experiences to those with life-changing illnesses, injuries, and disabilities. Each trip is completely arranged and planned by one of several outdoors outfitters that work in conjunction with the charity. Currently, Lindsay Sporting Camp's provides bear hunting experiences, Mountaintop Whitetail Haven Lodge provides deer hunting experiences, and Fernleigh Lodge provides fishing trips.

Pap's Shed Outdoor Club is all about doing something incredibly simple yet so meaningful for a person in need. The chance to spend a day outdoors, experiencing nature, and taking part in so normal of an activity as hunting or

Tired of struggling to drag your kills over all types of terrain? That's where the Hooker Deer Drag comes in - it is the simple, easy way to get your deer out of the field.

One of the best parts about hunting is finally getting a solid shot off and making a kill. It means that you've accomplished what you set out to do and have something to take home. Yet making a kill also brings about one of the "worst" parts about hunting: actually getting it out of the field.

Every hunter knows that large game like deer is a pain in the butt to haul out of the field. Part of this is naturally because of the animal's large size and awkward dimensions. Another factor is that hunters often have to track deer over sizable distances, often making a kill miles from their trucks.

Steve Huster faced this problem one too many times. A lifelong hunter, Steve knew there had to be an easier way to drag a kill out of the field and into the back of his truck. And that's why he invented the Hooker Deer Drag. Featuring two-inch heavy gauge steel rods, each cut to 3 feet in length, thick foam

Wall Hangers


This is a down the arrow look at a giant buck. Could you hold it together?