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Featured Weapon


Caliber: .308 Win.
Capacity: 4
Features: Pre-mounted scope @ 100 yards
Action: Bolt
Stock: Synthetic
Material/Finish: Carbon steel
Scope: Pre-mounted 3-9X40mm scope
Weight: 8.5 pounds
Barrel Length: 22"
Twist: 1 in 10"
Length of Pull: 13.375"
Overall Length: 42.5"
Drop at Comb: 1.125"
Drop at Heel: 1.375"

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Hunting Fails

Tons of hunting fails and stupid people with guns!!

We all were anticipating a fairly easy catch by these 2 hunting lions. But this turned out to be a hilarious fail by them!

Taken on a Safari in South Africa.

Video by: Natasha

Featured Outfitter / Lodge


Video of fall 2016 hunt for 300+" whitetail deer at Greystone Castle
Mingus, TX

Produced by

Featured Articles

Whitetail deer are crafty critters, and to bag one, a hunter has to be even craftier. Deer have natural instincts that help protect them, and they also have some powerful senses. Their daytime and color vision are nothing to write home about, even though their night vision is better than a human’s. They don’t have the best hearing in the animal kingdom, either. According to a study conducted by Dr. Gino J. D’Angelo at the University of Georgia, deer can’t hear much better than humans can, although they can hear higher frequencies. Where whitetails really trump humans is in the smell department. A human has about five million olfactory receptors, while a deer has almost 300 million. That’s more than a dog has.

Obviously, if you hope to fill your freezer with venison this fall, you’ll have to focus on scents. Actually, it’s often more important to subtract a scent than it is to add a scent. In other words, your human scent needs to be effectively neutralized. What’s the best way to get rid of your “human smell”? Before using expensive hunting scents, try to naturally remove as much

Hunting can be a controversial topic in social circles, and as a hunter you may have to defend your hobby against criticism from co-workers, friends, and family. There are a number of points that you can communicate that may help them to accept that hunting is an integral part of the lives of many Americans and is of great benefit to the natural environment.

Keep Your Tone Friendly

There's no point in getting into a heated argument about hunting, as all that does is annoy people; you'll probably end up conversing in circles. If you keep your tone reasonable, avoiding any condescending language, you're likely to have more of an impact.

Respect the other person's point of view and social values. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion, and if you understand the context in which the argument is being made it will foster amicable communication.


The words "hunting" and "animal rights" are extremely emotionally loaded terms, so it's important to use the correct words and make sure that your audience understands

Wall Hangers


Double Droptine Ranch
November 10, 2015
23 yard bow kill
Gross Score: 277 1/8"