Mountain Lions


Here is some absolutely stunning footage of a mountain lion taking down a buck.


Compilation of the 2015/2016 lion season. It all happened on New years day 2016! Its truly amazing watching these well trained dogs do what they were bred to do! Using dogs is the only effective way to control these beautiful animals. Turn up the quality and enjoy! Make sure to Subscribe for more live action videos and product reviews!


A coyote hunt, quickly switches to a mountain lion adventure. A rare moment of an adult female Cougar sounding like a common house cat. A close encounter at 11 yards leaves little choice for mistakes. Being eye to eye with one of North Americas most dangerous Big Cats,is not only scary but a adrenaline junkies dream. A hunter from the East outsmarts a 9 year old desert Puma, and fills his cougar tag.


Near the top of the food chain is the Mountain Lion and this was our first trip to Colorado to hunt them. Game wardens told us that the Lions were putting a big dent in their efforts to re-establish bighorn sheep and we were glad to help. Follow along as Steve Niemerg and Jake Vancil take a new journey for mountain lions. If you enjoyed the show please "SUBSCRIBE" and join us on facebook @RadicalOutdoors.