Wildlife Rescues


Chad Yousey and Joey King from Bow Madness Outdoors LLC, Come across two bucks that are locked up from fighting. one is already dead and the other is still alive and fighting. once they get them unlocked, the buck will not leave. AMAZING VIDEO !!!!! PLEASE SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Video posted by Chad Yousey - check out his amazing youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChX3iRdzEyXYMah9-tHZSmQ


MAKE SURE YOU PUT THIS IN HD - 1080 or 720 A large 10 point buck and smaller 8 point buck got their horns locked together in an altercation. Sadly the smaller 8 point was killed during this process. 2 brave hunters were able to free the deer from a watery grave by removing part of the dead deers antler. The actual rescue process was near 30 minutes but shortened down for this YouTube video.


This is one of the most difficult and dangerous rescues we’ve ever attempted in 34 years of Wildlife Aid.
A young deer was trapped in a 10 inch wide, 12 foot deep gap, between a shed and a brick wall. It was so narrow that no one could have got down to the deer. After much consideration and discussion, a risky but ingenious plan was formed.
There was only one chance to get this right; had it gone wrong, the deer would, almost certainly, have broken a leg or, worse still, died.