Published on Aug 18, 2013

This video is part of our Hunting on a Budget series. Logan takes on the topic of calling, if its a necessary staple in hunting, and if so what types of calls to purchase when being budget minded.

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Published on Mar 21, 2012

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Published on Jul 16, 2013

Duck footage courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife Service


Uploaded on Jul 29, 2010

Calling in bear can be the most fun way and it can be very effective way of hunting bear. Scouting for black bear sign is key in choosing the right set up. Once you have located good sign choosing a spot with good cover and natural funnels allows you to harvest a bear with you bow. For more tips like this checkout

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Uploaded on Aug 15, 2008

turkey sounds


Uploaded on Apr 3, 2010

How to correctly use a Box call.
Learn how to use a box call in less than a day.

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Uploaded on Aug 4, 2009

*PLEASE READ - Q&A in description. In this video, you will learn a few different fox calls and sounds, and what they mean. Foxes can make up to more then 40 calls and sounds; contact calls, and interaction calls. Foxes are normally quiet animals, and their calls are mostly heard durning the mating season when foxes are calling out to each other and fighting over territory. Fox cubs are very quiet, and only make sounds when they are playing, fighting, or nursing. Most of the time, fox calls are mistaken for the call of another animal. *I do not own the audio or the pictures. This video is for educational purposes only.


Q: Are pets safe from wild foxes?
A: Foxes will stay well away from dogs, even if the dog is smaller then the fox. Foxes don't normally attack cats. In fact, most fox/cat meetings end with the cat chasing the fox away. Foxes don't normally fight unless they have to. As for smaller pets like rabbits that are kept outside, a very hungry fox may look at it as an easy meal, and same goes for