Published on Jun 12, 2012

We are going to viewing all the listed camo under realistic situations under concealment and not just out in the open. We will come down to the top 2 pics and test further.


Published on Jul 20, 2013

Some tips and technique on how to achieve a Digital Camo effect. A detailed look at stenciling techniques will be coming soon. Subscribe to keep in touch!!!

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crossbow bear hunt
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1st crossbow bear kill - Lindsay Sporting Camps


Published on Jan 21, 2013

In this weeks Realtree Global Hunting, we head to the SHOT Show in Las Vegas for the unveiling of the greatest hunting innovation EVER! The highly anticipated launch of the new Realtree Xtra and Xtra Green patterns sees a host of innovative new products launched incorporating the most effective and versatile camo patterns for hunters who demand a high level performance in the field. Here's what's coming to your gun store soon...