Hunting in Argentina with the Beretta Xtrema2

4 years ago
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In 2002, Beretta introduced the original Xtrema.
This gun quickly garnered Field & Streams Best Gun of the Year Award, Guns & Ammos Editors Awards for Gun of the Year, and American Riflemans Golden Bulleye Award.
In the relentless pursuit of excellence, our engineers have once again set the benchmark for a do-it-all shotgun in the form of the new Xtrema2—Shooting Illustrateds Shotgun of the Year.
This superb autoloading shotgun was designed and built to reliably function 23/4-inch, 1-ounce equivalent loads through brutal 31/2-inch magnum loads—interchangeably if you so desire.
The Xtrema2 has more recoil reduction features than any other autoloading shotgun on the planet!

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