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As a deer hunter, I cannot fathom seeing a buck this large on the hoof, much less harvesting one with 47 points.

An Arkansas hunter shoots this monster buck and follows the blood trail to find this! Have you ever seen anything like this before?!?

An overview of common violations that Texas Game Wardens encounter in deer season, from improperly tagged deer to no hunter education certification.

Bob D'Angelo, coordinator of the Pennsylvania Game Commission's Big Game Records Program, demonstrates and explains how to measure deer antlers under the Boone & Crockett scoring system.

Big Stone Outfitting, professional hunting outfitters in the Manning, Alberta area.

Robertville NB - Chalet avec 7 chambres, 14 lits simples, 2 salles de bain. Pour information contactez le 506-545-5676 ou le 506-783-8834.

Bruce and I take out a few Prairie Dogs that have moved in a little to close to town endangering livestock and farming equipment.