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MARCH 2021


Definitely more exciting than your average spot and stalk bear hunt. Getting close to a bear is thrilling and when they get close to you its even more exciting.

I was 14 years old last time I was here in Saskatchewan Canada on a bear hunt. It is so cool to be back at the same exact place. Not much has changed up here.

Still holding a turkey tag? Get the drop on a big gobbler this season by using the right decoy setup, after planning the perfect ambush with your ScoutLook Hunting app.

Snow goose hunting...some hate it while others obsess over it. Thousands of decoys, mud, batteries, motion decoys, unplugged shotguns, and no limits in most states.

D and Corey lay down some awesome footage during this spring turkey hunt.

Video credit: Indiana Hunter

April 5, 2018

Howard Pounds doubles up on two fine longbeards on an action packed afternoon turkey hunt.

Video credit:  The Turkeyologists

Published on Mar 2, 2018