Jay Scott gives elk calling tips on how to use a mouth diaphragm style call. Cow elk mews and chirps are shown.

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The limits of long range hunting are tested as Danner Davidson, Aaron's son takes a nice Wyoming bull with a shot distance of 1376 yards with a Gunwerks 7mm Rem Mag.


15 year old Ian Davidson takes a 350 class bull at 450 yards. Make sure to subscribe to the Gunwerks YouTube channel for more great long shots, tough shots, shooting tips, DIY & Ballistics.

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Entire hunt of record elk "spyder bull" scoring 499 3/8 and nets 477 1/8" to set the world record by Mossback.


Watch Pat Gilligan as he hunts for giant Elk in Utah and takes a huge bull scoring over 400" B&C. http://www.mossback.com


by Mossback


In Episode 2 of The 15-Yard Files, Cally Morris squares off with bugling elk in Colorado. After an agonizing stare-down with a young bull at 10 steps, the bull Cally is after finally strolls into range. Cally comes to full draw, but the only shot angle offered is quartering to him. You'll want to see what happens with this controversial shot angle.


We joined Rocky Mazza from Salida, CO on a 1st season, open area Colorado Bull Elk hunt. He had been chasing this 320" Boone and Crockett beast for several days and was finally able to make it happen on the final day of the season.