Bears are to the far left on the ridge one running from left to right in the first segment. To the middle and right with 2 bears wrestling on the far path in the second segment.

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In this video we basically talk about why animals hibernate, the hibernation process, and debunk the myth on bear hibernation... It is more of a scientific video today... Next up is another scientific question or I might go back to cryptozoology...

Animals including wood frogs, ground squirrels, skunks, bats, hedgehogs, and of course, bears hibernate (well, sort of, I’ll get into that later). But just why do they do it? Why do they hibernate?
A few animals have evolved hibernation, an adaptation that lets them spend long periods of time in a dormant state. When an animal hibernates, the animal’s heart and breathing rates become slower, and its body temperature drops.

Days or Weeks may pass and the creature still hasn’t eaten, nor drank anything. Bears, don’t really hibernate, they sleep more in the winter than in summer, but they don’t reach the deep sleep level of hibernation. Before hibernation, animals feed a lot of food when it is abundant and grow some fat, then burn that fat off and live off of those fat reserves. Hibernation is a bit like death, and is not too