Daytime Raccoon calling is quickly becoming one of my favorite mid winter hunts! The cool thing is that I can go out and do a coyote/fox set and look for coon trees on the way in and then call them once I'm done coyote hunting on the way back to the truck! This video covers a few tips that have helped me start to increase the number of coons I harvest. Sorry for the lower quality video, had to film this one myself!


A video of 3 different days on my coon trapping line here in Pennsylvania. I caught many, many more animals than this so far this year, but these are some that I had the camera along for. I mainly used Katz Brother's Black Label for lure this year and it worked amazingly!!


http://www.pcsoutdoors.com To purchase these products or any of your trapping supplies visit our website. When it comes to trapping coon John uses his own system that keeps them coming in. He starts with Ausable™ Brand Coon Chow and finishes off with Ausable™ Brand Long Range Raccoon Call Lure. Join John Chagnon as he shows you how well the Duke Dog Proof Trap works. See his many coon catches. Watch lots of doubles and triples on the Raccoon Line. The Duke DP traps work great, watch the video and see for yourself! To purchase any of the trapping products you see here visit our website at http://www.pcsoutdoors.com Click below to go directly to the traps! http://www.pcsoutdoors.com/12packdukedogproofcoontrap-1.aspx


We are using a few dog proof raccoon traps earlier this month. I've grown to appreciate these traps and have successfully released several small raccoons while using them that had no foot damage. These were mostly Duke DPs with a few of the new Z-traps. All our catches were made with marshmallows or cat food as bait and a scent trail with either shellfish extract or the salmon oil. We've picked up some commercially made bait designed for the dog proof traps and will play with it a little once the raccoons start moving again.


Treed & I shot the coon and the Dogs fight the coon. This coon is very loud. Very good video. Big Creek breed- Mossy and FULL Bluetick- Heart http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fo3Le7k1kE&feature=email .


The Predators: Round 2 DVD has a special bonus section which offers viewers the chance at seeing a fun and exciting way to call Raccoons. This special bonus footage contains some clips of Calling Raccoons during Daylight Hours. Watch these fast and furious daytime hunts as TBR Outdoors looks to put fur on the ground. --- This footage has been modified from its original version and will be displayed on MOJO Outdoors TV during the week of December 14th. (Direct TV - Pursuit Channel 608) http://www.tbroutdoors.com/products.html http://www.MOJOOutdoors.com


http://lasergenetics.com Experience meets technology. Avid hunter Keith Warren, the host of the TV-Show "The High Road" is in this video illustrating the benefits from using ND3 and ND5 night vision equipment when hunting Raccoons at night. Raccoons have become nocturnal and are destroying feeders and keeping the intended animals away. However hunting these creatures have recently become easier with the affordable night vision equipment from Laser Genetics. Light up the night with ND3 and ND5 green laser lights that can be used without spooking the animal.