This was a castor mound set. I was lying 18 feet away and videoed the whole thing. Let me know if there are any videos that you would like to see and maybe I can make it.


Many catches on film! This is a very simple snare set made in entrances to lodges or bank dens. The first clip is the the set itself followed by a number of target catches all made in the exact set itself. This is my first attempt at making a snaring video if it goes well i will be making another one with 330 conibears through the ice and 330s with castor sets. Thanx and enjoy. P.s I apologize to The wild north for using their intro in a lot of my clips I'll make my own next time.


This is a video I forgot to upload in March 2013 on the last day of the PA beaver trapping season. It also features an otter that I caught in a 330 down the creek from this beaver. THE OTTER WAS LEGALLY TURNED INTO THE PA GAME COMMISSION.

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Beaver Trapping 2013. Follow Shane and Hunter as they set and check beaver traps throughout Armstrong and Clarion counties, Pennsylvania. The guys show how they set traps to catch beaver from conibears to foothold drowning sets. Shane shows off the biggest beaver of the year in the fur shed.

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A spring Beaver Trapline across Minnesota- Join veteran trapper Jim Wallner, and Photographer Mark Palas as they take you on their spring Beaver trap lines. Filmed on location in Minnesota, over a three week period of time, the video explores a variety of trapping techniques and lore. The film promises to be both entertaining, as well as educational. Together, Wallner and Palas have been published in all the major trapping publications, and herby enter the world of making movies. We hope we've raised the bar. Please watch the video till the end, for contact information.