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We Got Big Game - Watch Tracy Valdez take a great moose in the Yukon using his rifle.


My sons Idaho moose hunt using a 338 Edge. 14 year old takes his once in a life time Moose at 1258 yards.


Mrs. Ruth takes a really nice Alaska Yukon Moose. 3 shots off her knee at 240 yards. All three in the boiler room and in about a 3 inch circle. Great shooting in anyone's book. In Moose country we make sure they don't go down in the water. If you notice the pond in front of that Moose it is about 10ft deep. Anyone who has cleaned a Moose in the water, will tell you they never want to do that ever again! Hope you enjoy the video! Please Note: The Award Voting is over and Mrs. Ruth is the 2012 Prois Hardcore Huntress.


Moose Hunting with a bow is on the bucket list of many hunters. In this bowhunting clip Heartland Bowhunter Skyler takes a bull Moose with a bow on his first day out hunting in Canada.


Hunting moose filmed with camera mounted on gun. Awesome kill scene. Filmed in Norway.


Incredible close up footage of a Canadian bull moose coming into a call, grunting and snapping branches as he searches for the source of the calling. Shot on public land, phenomenal!! Check out for more videos and information


GIANT MOOSE (elan geant) and SNOW SHEEP hunting (Chasse) in far east Russia (KAMCHATKA - TCHUKOTKA)
Professionals hunters and videographers : Renaud Desgrées du Loû, Franck Pelloux and Guillaume Beau de Loménie (


Dall Sheep and moose hunting alaska with Brian Elwarth