A short video of a bobcat that I trapped in the 2012 PA bobcat season. It ended up being 29lbs 12oz. I am using a #4 duke so don't let the trap size fool you on the size of this beautiful cat.


My son and I Caught this 36.9 pound Bobcat at the 2cd trap of the day. We were pulling our traps to get ready for ice fishing...I believe this cat was at the set on Tuesday but stepped 3 inches from the trap...Subscribe for more Upper Michigan videos


Just when I thought we were done trapping for the year after I caught my cat on pull day, 2 days later while my son was still on Christmas break he wanted to go set a few cat traps of his own...He made a double set and connected 2 days later...He didn't want the ol man to show him up...Beaver and Muskrat were used for bait with Violator 7 as a call lure...The cat was 30.6 pounds...


How to use a snare support to catch bobcats and coyotes.
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how to catch bobcats trapping and snaring for fur and Predator Control

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Hoe to make a bobcat and coyote set with a stump in the deep woods

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