Trapping expert, Robby Gilbert shows you how he caught a Pennsylvania Red Fox, and teaches you how he makes his trapping sets.

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Brody's first red fox and gray fox in Vermont.


Ohio Outdoor Journal Trapping Crew catching Fox in late season winter weather with early season tactics. Trapping Red Fox in a dirt hole set with dry-salted dirt and lure with MB-550 Trap.

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Come with Shane as he shows locations and catches on his daily trap line checks. He throws out some tips on setting up in cruising areas as well as they type of set to use. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for watching.


Foxes: look sharp! Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam has given Roy Lupton some toys to play with. It is June and foxes are licking their lips and thinking about young birds. With a few bits of ground needing Roy's attention, including an old quarry, it's a perfect opportunity to film some foxing without the need for the lamp.

This item first appeared in Fieldsports Britain episode 79


Seen 4 total red foxes that morning while hunting. My cousin missed the sleeping red fox with his .17 rifle. I called the one red fox into about 108 yards where he missed the first shot and got it with the other two shots again using his .17 rifle. The other two foxes I got on video from a far distance playing/mating. We did not attempt to go after them, because we enjoy to fox hunting and wish to leave some breeding pairs. The one red fox I called in was called in with a psycho tweety and the twisted psycho tweety.


Big Al Morris heads out with the crew from All Predator Calls to take on a Gray Fox