What you are about to watch is a 100% LEGAL Idaho Gray Wolf hunt...

Statistics prove that no group does more for wildlife conservation than hunters. Since their introduction to the lower 48, the Canadian Gray Wolves has wreaked havoc on the ungulate game herds that reside within the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. More recently, that destruction has had far reaching effects on Elk, Moose, Deer, and livestock populations all across the U.S. and Canada. Keeping predatory game populations in check is the only way to restore balance to the system.



Follow us on our journey into Idaho's wilderness, some of the most remote country you can find yourself in the lower 48. We went in there on a 4 day predator hunt, none of us knew what we were getting ourselves into! Action packed all 4 days with wolf encounters! Follow our Social media pages for daily photos @backcountrybrotherhood

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This Kill of the Week is taken from the Relentless Pursuit episode "I'm Over Here" with Tim going it alone in his pursuit of the elusive wolf. After 11 years of trying to capture a wolf bow kill on camera, his determination kept him awake through 3 days of bitter cold in northern Canada, fighting the elements to bring down one of nature's greatest predators. Be sure to tune in every week on Friday for Relentless Pursuit's Kill of the Week to see more amazing shots, throws, and take-downs from around the world to our own back yard in Illinois. Also be sure to like use and share your hunting stories and photos on our Facebook and Twitter accounts! http://www.facebook.com/relentlesspursuittv http://twitter.com/#!/timwellsbowhunt Also, be sure to visit our website which will soon be getting a major redesign http://www.timwellsbowhunter.com


Hunting wolves and taking the first wolf on video in Montana!!


I have the HD version downloaded on the Stuck N The Rut Profile. You can make your comments there. Check us out on Facebook @ 'Stuck N The Rut'. In my youth, there used to be moose all over these clear cuts, eating the fresh growth of brush in their wintering grounds. Wolves moved in and in a two year span, there's not a moose seen on that mountain anymore. Management must be done. To explain what happen, the day before this, my sister came up from college to shoot a deer so that she can have some meat in her freezer. I decided to go to an area that is well known for white-tail and moose. We open the door of the pickup and started our hike. On top of the snow, we saw wolf tracks. We also found a couple fresh deer kills that they left to waste. 3 miles hiking, we heard a wolf howling. It being wolf season as well, we tried to hunt it down, but he outsmarted us that day. We also got word that the cattle rancher's herds were getting slaughtered by wolves as well. We borrowed my friends electronic wolf howl and went back in the same spot the very next day and this is what

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March 2011 Wolf Hunt with Bob Bearman @ Nipigon River Bear Hunts.part 2 actual kill footage.

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After spending the night listening to a pack of wolves howling on the bait our hunter shoots two big beautiful black wolves minutes apart.


Wolves are an amazing animal, and a specialized killer. Watch as Travis crosses paths with one of the most controversial animals of the rockies.