Howled and shot this wolf all on video!!!!! Idaho wolf hunt 2011 with "Stuck N The Rut"

4 years ago
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I have the HD version downloaded on the Stuck N The Rut Profile. You can make your comments there. Check us out on Facebook @ 'Stuck N The Rut'. In my youth, there used to be moose all over these clear cuts, eating the fresh growth of brush in their wintering grounds. Wolves moved in and in a two year span, there's not a moose seen on that mountain anymore. Management must be done. To explain what happen, the day before this, my sister came up from college to shoot a deer so that she can have some meat in her freezer. I decided to go to an area that is well known for white-tail and moose. We open the door of the pickup and started our hike. On top of the snow, we saw wolf tracks. We also found a couple fresh deer kills that they left to waste. 3 miles hiking, we heard a wolf howling. It being wolf season as well, we tried to hunt it down, but he outsmarted us that day. We also got word that the cattle rancher's herds were getting slaughtered by wolves as well. We borrowed my friends electronic wolf howl and went back in the same spot the very next day and this is what happened. Howled this wolf in rifle range and shot it all on video!!!!! City children, save your negative comments. 400 yard shot. I will get the HD one edited and posted soon. Hunting with Stuck N The Rut equipment.

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