Snow Geese


Snow goose hunting...some hate it while others obsess over it. Thousands of decoys, mud, batteries, motion decoys, unplugged shotguns, and no limits in most states. Seeing those huge lines of snow geese seemingly crawl through the sky headed north will make even a non waterfowl hunter stop what they're doing and look up. Thousands of geese rising up off a roost or a field is an awe inspiring sight. If you've done your homework and/or happen to have luck on your side, "The Experience" of snow goose hunting is unlike any other in waterfowl hunting! The scream of the ecaller, the chaos of deciding when to call the shot, and the realization that you fooled some of the weariest birds on the planet are just a few reasons why many of us become obsessed with snow goose hunting.

2017 was an incredible snow goose hunting season for us with Willow Creek Waterfowl. 3000 decoys, a 40 foot shipping container, extension tubes, cases of shells, and a TON of snow geese!

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This past years Spring Snow Goose action! Mainly GoPro 4 Black Footage, along with some cool aerial shots from the Drone. Sit back and enjoy as you follow us from Southern SD to Northern SD on our adventures! As many of you know, the spring conservation season was introduced with the main purpose of declining snow goose populations because of issues with their current overpopulation status. This means you are allowed to hunt with e-callers, no plugs, and multiple guns in the field. (Make sure to check each states individual laws prior to hunting) The result is setting out 3000-5000 decoys, multiple e-callers, and lots of all nighters to produce some incredible rain outs from large flocks of decoying birds! Thanks for watching!


Episode 9

Sit back and enjoy the Show

The sights and sounds of the Snow Goose migration are spectacular in Alberta. Claudio’s reign as “King of the Snows” may be in jeopardy as Mel has a few tricks up his sleeve, and Jay has his sights set on the title as well. Will either of them de-throne Claudio? Although they compete, the guides are always willing to lend a helping hand, exemplifying the meaning of teamwork.


In this video I took a break from fishing to go hunt some geese with my little brother Eliot Preston before he went off to college. We had fun setting up the decoys and calling in birds. Would have been better if Eliot's gun would have shot.

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