2016 Sweet Spring Snow Goose Hunting-Multiple rainouts!!

1 year ago
Team Xplore's picture

This past years Spring Snow Goose action! Mainly GoPro 4 Black Footage, along with some cool aerial shots from the Drone. Sit back and enjoy as you follow us from Southern SD to Northern SD on our adventures! As many of you know, the spring conservation season was introduced with the main purpose of declining snow goose populations because of issues with their current overpopulation status. This means you are allowed to hunt with e-callers, no plugs, and multiple guns in the field. (Make sure to check each states individual laws prior to hunting) The result is setting out 3000-5000 decoys, multiple e-callers, and lots of all nighters to produce some incredible rain outs from large flocks of decoying birds! Thanks for watching!

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