Follow Your Duck Destiny with these Hunting Apps


Are you a Duck Dynasty fan? Do you live for duck hunting season? If you know the difference between a Mallard and a Muscovy or a Saxony and a Semois, you just might be addicted to duck hunting. Rather than fight the feeling, why not give in to this popular pastime and explore the world of duck-related mobile gaming apps for your smartphone or tablet? Following are a few apps you might enjoy.

Real Bird Hunting Challenge

Available from Sunstorm Interactive, this iOS app allows you to hunt waterfowl within an arcade style game. Whether you want to try your luck hunting ducks, geese, or quail, you can do so when you add this app to your tablet or smartphone. You can choose between a number of different weapons including a semi-automatic rifle and a double barrel shotgun. This app offers simulated bird sounds as well as realistic flight patterns. With social sharing capabilities built right into the app, you can share your successes with your hunting buddies, coworkers, and family.

Duck Hunting

Available from iDeluxe, this iOS duck hunting game works on iPads, iPods, and iPhones (operating system 4.2 or newer). This app times your actions in 45-second intervals, allowing you to shoot as many birds as possible before your time runs out. As you progress from beginner levels to intermediate levels, the speed at which the ducks fly increases. You can choose different backgrounds each time you play and can share your high scores via social media. This gaming app tests your alertness by flying the occasional dove across your screen. If you accidentally shoot a dove instead of a duck, you lose points. By practicing your hand-eye coordination with this app, you can increase your confidence when it comes time to hone your shooting skills in the real world.

Mario Duck Hunt

Available from AhorrecompArando, the Mario Duck Hunt is reminiscent of the old-fashioned Hasbro games many gaming enthusiasts remember from their childhoods. Users of this app can shoot multiple birds at one time, track scores, and pit themselves against other players. If you are a highly competitive duck hunter, this app just might become one of your favorites. This app offers a barking dog to warn you when your shooting prowess is less than ideal.
These three iOS duck hunting apps are just a small selection of the numerous gaming apps available. Whether you traditionally hunt for Abacot Rangers or Alabios, you can practice your duck shooting skills via mobile apps. Which of these apps will allow you to follow your duck destiny this year?


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