Orange: Never Leave Home Without It


Have you been thinking about going hunting this season?  While hunting can be an incredibly rewarding activity, it's important to follow safety regulations when you decide to go out.  Even the most experienced of hunters can make mistakes or find themselves in harm's way.  Taking safety precautions is important for both yourself and your fellow hunters.  One of the most important ways that you can stay safe while you're out hunting is to wear orange.

Whether you're going on your first hunting excursion or your fiftieth, it's important to make sure that you always wear orange when you're out.  Even if you're hunting in an area where other hunters don't tend to explore, keep in mind that many individuals choose to hunt illegally or to trespass on other peoples' land.  Wearing orange will help protect you no matter where you hunt.

It's easy to mistake a human for a deer when you're hunting in the woods.  Keep in mind that when you're hunting, you often grow tired and weary waiting to spot something.  If a person is hunting and has been out all day, they might be quick to shoot anything that moves. Unfortunately, if you aren't wearing orange, that something could be you.

Never leave home without your orange.  If you feel like you might forget to put your orange safety gear on the morning that you leave to hunt, consider keeping an extra set of gear in your vehicle.  That way you won't be tempted to go hunting without it should you realize later on that you forgot it.  Remember that your orange gear doesn't have to be extravagant or fancy.  It just needs to be bright enough that a fellow hunter can't accidentally mistake you for a deer.

You could choose to wear an orange safety vest or an orange hat.  Some hunters also wear orange belts.  The easiest way to pick out your safety gear is to head to your local camping or sporting goods store to see what they have available in their hunting section.  You'll find an assortment of gear designed to protect and keep you safe no matter what your current hunting experience or skill level might be.  If you opt to purchase a vest, make sure that you try it on before you leave the store.  You should be able to move easily and freely while wearing the vest over your gear.  If you plan to wear layers of clothing, make sure that you take that into consideration before you make your purchase.


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