An overview of common violations that Texas Game Wardens encounter in deer season, from improperly tagged deer to no hunter education certification. For more information on hunting in Texas, including regulations and public hunting opportunities, visit


Bob D'Angelo, coordinator of the Pennsylvania Game Commission's Big Game Records Program, demonstrates and explains how to measure deer antlers under the Boone & Crockett scoring system.


Big Stone Outfitting, professional hunting outfitters in the Manning, Alberta area. There is nothing we won’t do to try and put you on great trophy whitetail and mule deer. If you’re ready to match wits with North America’s trophy class whitetail deer and mule deer give us a call and we’ll take you on a fantastic hunting adventure.


Robertville NB - Chalet avec 7 chambres, 14 lits simples, 2 salles de bain. Pour information contactez le 506-545-5676 ou le 506-783-8834. Tout près de la piste de ski doo et de la piste de 4 roues./Lodge in Robertville close to Bathurst, NB Canada. 7 rooms with 14 single bed. Close to the Ski doo trail and 4 wheeler trail. For information: --506-545-5676 or 506-783-8834.


Leithen Valley is a family run business where hunting is first and foremost. All members of our family and staff have had experience in either working with overseas outfitters, or have been on numerous hunts in North America, so they know what it takes to make a successful and enjoyable hunt, no matter what their guests physical condition maybe.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry. In order to achieve this we hire the best guides available, who are courteous and enjoyable to be with, who take excellent care of you & your trophies.

The quality and quantity of food supplied in our camps is fresh and second to none. We use only the finest equipment for our clients. The bottom line is, we are committed to providing our clients with the best hunt possible and this takes an investment in time, personal equipment and supplies that very few of our competitors are willing to match.


Bruce and I take out a few Prairie Dogs that have moved in a little to close to town endangering livestock and farming equipment.


Hunting Blinds Gone Wild (Part 2) details the install of our new tower blind for deer hunting. This tower blind plan is one of our best hunting blind ideas since it allows us to hunt with both a bow and/or a gun. It has a "V" in the sides for bow clearance and has "gun rails" on the sides of the "V" for steady gun shots. It also sports a pitched roof giving our bows room for clearance over a traditional tower blind. The 3D camo around the windows provides incredible cover for the movements of a bow hunter. We are really excited about this new hunting blind setup!

Since this deer tower stand is made out of lightweight metal piping it is really easy to install. The replaceable camo wrap and roof make maintenance a breeze over the years and we don't have to worry about wood rotting.

We hope our hunting blind idea will help you in the development and building of your next deer tower stand plans. Please let us know if we can help in any way or if you have any questions about our new deer tower stand!

Thanks for watching "Hunting Blinds Gone Wild" Part 2!

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4 weeks of trail camera action from southeast Florida.