Texas Feral Hog Hunting, 220# Boar Neck Shot @ 175 Yards, Intense Hog Fever!

4 years ago
Team Xplore's picture

WHAT A HOG HUNT! DON'T MISS THIS ONE!!! This has to be MY BEST HUNT TO DATE! The footage is pretty good Y'all. But what was better was the fact that this is what I love to do. LONG accurate shots. You have to wait for the animal to stop moving, you have a 1 second pause to take that "perfect" shot. If you are patient it may come to you. IT DID ME! I was shaking so bad. This hog affected me like no other has in years. I was out looking for a bobcat that was coming around to get the turkeys I was watching. I was looking to get footage of him more than looking to kill him. I've also been told, no bobcats, so they are off limits. Anyway, I came back to the blind from looking for the cat and a Bid Wild Boar was out in the field just waiting for me! I couldn't believe it! I took him with a 150-175 yard cheek to neck shot with my Stevens, Savage .270 and dropped him on the spot. He turned out to be a 220# hog. I really think Y'all will enjoy this one!

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