Important Info on Trail Cameras

3 years ago
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Published on Apr 7, 2013

Trail cameras have become a huge part of a hunter's strategy to harvest an animal come hunting season. No matter what type of animal you're after, trail cameras can give you the edge that you need to be successful on a hunt. In this video I talk about the uses of trail cameras, how they can be used year round to scout deer specifically, how choosing a location affects a trail camera's settings, and some good things about different brands of trail cameras. First I talk about the uses of trail cameras. They are mainly used for photographing wildlife, but can also be used for security purposes. Trail cameras should be left out all year! In the fall they can help you pattern big bucks, in winter they can help with shed hunting, and in spring and summer they give you a great look at deer growth and antler development. Second I talk about choosing a location. In open areas the time interval should be set at an intermediate length and the camera should be set for pictures. For cameras set up on trails the time interval should be short and I suggest setting the camera to video. Finally I talk about the positives of a few brands of trail cameras. Moultrie, Scoutguard, and Cuddeback all have great aspects that make me love using their game cameras (we have a Moultrie Game Spy M80X-BLX Black Flash, a Scoutguard SG-550-Green, and a Cuddeback Attack IR). Watch the video to find out what they are! Enjoy!

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