Call it in, Blast it down: BIG SQUIRREL HUNTER

4 years ago
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Nevis spots a squirrel far far away, sneaks up on it, and then calls it in with a Squirrel Call. Watch how this squirrel responds to the call. Looks like Nevis might need a bit more target practice, because he missed on the first shot... But the squirrel was so pissed, it just shook off the first shot and kept barking. That was good, because it gave Nevis time to quickly adjust and take it down on shot #2. Nevis was again using the Beeman .177 Air Rifle as unboxed in the last episode. This is episode 14 in the "Big Squirrel Hunter" series. Thanks for watching, and if you like this video, please click like and please subscribe. Please post comments --anything goes. Please also help me get the word out by, commenting and re-posting it on your favorite social media. These videos aim to educate while spreading joy and happiness while promoting hunting and good music. The series covers everything from hunting, calling and shooting to skinning, cleaning and cooking squirrels. All animals harvested in this series were taken legally, ethically and with the purpose of both food & sport. Nevis Walker does not condone the killing of ANY animal without, at least, the traditional purpose of food or utility. Don't forget to check out and too. Thanks again for your support; happy hunting.

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