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Hoe to make a bobcat and coyote set with a stump in the deep woods

Robby Gilbert catches a bobcat by a stream in West Virginia! Robby used a Duke #1.5 that he was setting for mink and coons to catch the cat!

Trying our luck for coyotes but a bobcat snuck in to our surprise. Shot this cat at about 237 yards with a 22-243.

Bobcat hunting behind hounds in the north woods of Minnesota. check us out @

Roger Raglin's buddy, Charlie Litsey, gives some really good advice on bobcat hunting. Several cats bite the dust

How to make a reset on a babcat trapping set.

This is the way I set a dirt hole set for bobcat, from site location, to bait it is all here. Hope it helps and may give you an idea or two on your next set.