Bruce and I take out a few Prairie Dogs that have moved in a little to close to town endangering livestock and farming equipment.

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Here are a few videos I took while hunting cottontails and Hare with beagles in Pa and ME during the 2012/2013 season. Im sorry some of the videos are not the best because some of them i taped while hunting by myself. I plan on launching a series of videos at the end of next season. The videos will be on Hunting, Trapping and Fishing so keep an eye out for them next year! Thanks for watching

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I was able to self film 5 woodchuck kills. Visit for more hunting videos.


I shot this raccoon with my Gamo Silent Cat as you may have seen in my other videos, he was up in my tree so I decided to pop him! It couldn't have gone any better, he had a nice clean quick death. I hope you enjoyed the video and like and subscribe for more!


Team Wild's Redneck Road Trip: Day 19. Racoons are wily creatures of the night, tearing into Terry Tate's deer feeders and emptying them of corn, ripping up feed sacks in the barn, and won't think twice on chowing down on the chickens and the eggs. It's a good job Ian's armed with his trusty Daystate Wolverine and NiteSite NS200, and he's in the mood for some varminating.


A video of my family and the dogs out on a possum shoot. Possums are an introduced species here in NZ, and they are extremely damaging to the native wildlife. While in other countries possums may be protected, in NZ the only good possum is a dead possum.