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Not that long ago a cry when out that we were losing our mule deer herds in some areas, including trophy bucks. Viewed scientifically, all game species are subject to periodic changes in environmental conditions. Boone and Crockett trophy records reflect the recovery of our mule deer herds over the past century, and dips in entries linked to harsh winters and drought. Today, through out the west, mule deer herds are stable, increasing in some areas and recovering from tough range conditions in others.

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November 12 2009 Lake County Illinois 6:20am. Wind SSE 6mph. 39 degrees. Clear, Barometer 30.28 Falling, Waning Crescent 21% of the Moon is Illuminated. Owner of http://www.Smith-Printing.Com Gurnee, Illinois, Brian Smith's Pope & Young Whitetail Buck Harvest.......Captured ONLY on http://www.HawgNSonsTV.Com


During the Pope & Young Club's 50th Anniversary Convention, there was an Aerial Shoot taking place at the Pope & Young Club Headquarters in Chatfield, Minnesota. What a fun way to practice!


Arizona has some of the best antelope hunting. Watch Bobby drop this goat at 670 yards. Welcome to the new age! A lot more hunts to come so make sure you SUBSCRIBE.

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Entire hunt of record elk "spyder bull" scoring 499 3/8 and nets 477 1/8" to set the world record by Mossback.


Being in the right place in the right time is always a good feeling. Family Traditions host Haley Heath heads to the Northwest Territories to hunt caribou. She and her husband find themselves in the right place at the right time and are able to take down three bulls in less than five minutes... one of them the 3rd largest ever shot!!


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