How to catch a raccoon in a live cage trap! Using a Haveaheart Cage Trap. Ideal solution to catch and release that won't harm the animal.


My friend Laura and I shot this instructional video on how to set a 120 Conibear trap for Pine Martin.


The team at brings you a "how to" video for trapping coyotes. This is likely the most popular set for trapping coyotes. After the how to, watch to see the results as Adam finds three coyotes on the trap line! One is so big they have to get a different scale out to weigh him!


Tom Florin is Beaver Trapping in Missouri. Types of traps include; Post Set, Caster Set, and a Crossover


This is the way I set a dirt hole set for bobcat, from site location, to bait it is all here. Hope it helps and may give you an idea or two on your next set. I caught seven cats in one week with sets just like this.


Hoe to make a bobcat and coyote set with a stump in the deep woods

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A video of 3 different days on my coon trapping line here in Pennsylvania. I caught many, many more animals than this so far this year, but these are some that I had the camera along for. I mainly used Katz Brother's Black Label for lure this year and it worked amazingly!!