Here is some absolutely stunning footage of a mountain lion taking down a buck.


Roger Raglin's buddy, Charlie Litsey, gives some really good advice on bobcat hunting. Several cats bite the dust.

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Bobcat hunting is a challenging, but rewarding hunt. We strive to be the best Bobcat Hunting Outfitters available for our hunters. We call them in during the day, because of experience, hard-work, persistence & some luck.

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Here's the most detailed look at what it takes to COMPLETELY process a large Alligator!
I was using my Silver Stag Skinning knife.
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What an honor, getting to take my good friend, Ed Eaton out on a fantastic gator hunt! Ed was featured on History Channel for his heroic efforts during the Vietnam War, he is currently up for the the Congressional Medal Of Honor!!! I guess it comes as no surprise he decided to bring his good friend, Dave Davidson, along on this trip, Dave was diagnosed with ALS and is living every day to the fullest!!! these 2 were such a blessing to be around! You can see more videos that better tell Ed's story here
I'd also like to thank Jeff Leserra for making the best alligator hunting gear on the Market!!! GatorPro!


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Robert Arrington heads up the Kissimmee River in search of a big Florida Alligator... what he finds is the biggest Gator he's ever seen!!! This thing is a Dinosaur! to contact him about a guided Hunt send an email to


Alligator hunting in Florida with monster gators! Catch all the action as Melissa Bachman hunts for these giants in the swamps of Florida. For more, visit


What you are about to watch is a 100% LEGAL Idaho Gray Wolf hunt...

Statistics prove that no group does more for wildlife conservation than hunters. Since their introduction to the lower 48, the Canadian Gray Wolves has wreaked havoc on the ungulate game herds that reside within the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. More recently, that destruction has had far reaching effects on Elk, Moose, Deer, and livestock populations all across the U.S. and Canada. Keeping predatory game populations in check is the only way to restore balance to the system.