Here is another one from our trip to Namibia. Giraffe are a challenge to hunt and the meat was donated to the local people.


In the stunning surroundings of South African's East Cape we take to the hill with the Benjamin .357 Rogue Air Rifle to stalk one of Africa's larger species of Antelope, the Red Hartebeest. The wind is in our favour, but is the Rogue ready to perform...


Impressions of Kudu Hunting in April 2012


A film on a leopard hunt starting at 3h00 in the morning. Leopard tracked by blue tick hounds from the Theunis Botha Big Game hounds kennels. Included in the hound pack is one Dogo Argentino.


Hunting red hartebeest and black wildebeest in Africa.


A very close call! A last second do or die shot saves the hunter. Watch in slow motion as the lion makes his final lunge. NEW RULE: Posts with vulgar and inappropriate language will be removed at my discretion. If you wish to rant and make a statement to the world feel free to do so on your OWN channel. NOTE: Just for you idiots, I am not in this video nor have I killed any lions!