Chad & Gerald Screaming Heat

Code Blue is well known among hunters as one of the absolute best producers of hunting scents in the game today. And their hottest new estrous scent, the aptly named Screamin' Heat, keeps the company's image as one of the world's leaders intact.

Developed through extensive scientific research, Cold Blue Screamin' Heat is 100% pure estrous that is collected with meticulous accuracy. This is further enhanced with all-natural female secretions to make the scent as completely realistic as possible.

The patented collection process that has helped make Code Blue the stellar company that it is today is once again utilized in their Screamin' Heat deer scent. This process ensures that every bottle is as pure and fresh as possible. More importantly, it ensures that each bottle is from a single, individual doe in estrus. In fact, this collection and bottling process is where Code Blue's slogan "From One Deer to One Bottle" comes from. No other company does it like Code Blue does.

Code Blue

crossbow bear hunt
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1st crossbow bear kill - Lindsay Sporting Camps

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Made in the USA with innovative features like a quiet limb design, firearms grade trigger, an anti-dry fire system that won't destroy your bowstring, full length hardcoated rail and adjustable AR components. This crossbow is quiet, accurate and powerful and stays that way shot after shot.



Nature Blinds - Cool products at the Great American Outdoors Show in Harrisburg, PA. Thanks to Tim for letting me video his amazing hunting blinds!
*We are not affiliated with Nature Blinds - we just LOVE the product!


After putting in long hours bowhunting and making several moves in the big woods of northern Minnesota, I was finally rewarded with my biggest buck ever. This was my first and only hunt that I was able to get the initial shot on film. The rut was on and I saw numerous bucks, with the biggest being the one I was fortunate enough to get an arrow into. I attributed a large portion of my success from this hunt on the ability to stay mobile with a light and quiet treestand and move when the deer told me to.

I was using a Canon Vixia HF S100 and DM-100 shotgun microphone to film this hunt. I edited it with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.

Songs "Heading for the Battle" and "Ice Plains of Nohmadee" by Rickvanman at

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8-yr. old youth hunting rams with bow


Video about Clay Bird shooting from 2013