Melissa is slug hunting over a large corn field in west-central Illinois when she sees a buck that got away just a few months earlier during bow season. After having him inside 20-yards during the rut, this monster 9-point wasn't so lucky the second time around. For more, visit


Join Melissa on a ten-day, tent-camp adventure to the Alaskan Peninsula; a harsh environment home to some of the world's largest predators. Melissa is hunting with Ryan McCue of Alaska Brown Bear Safari on the tundra in mid-October, where the elements can quickly become your worst nightmare. Camping in just a tent for 10-days straight with no amenities, Melissa must put aside all creature comforts and focus solely on staying fit and focused on the hunt. Hours of glassing, with two- to five-mile stalks through thick tundra are the norm, with just freeze-dried food and a tent for accommodations deep in the Alaskan wilderness. But Melissa would have it no other way, after all, hunting brown bear in Alaska has been a life-long dream. Armed with her .375 H&H rifle and a top-notch Alaskan guide, not even 70-mph gusts and bone-chilling rain will stop Melissa from realizing her dream of pursuing an Alaskan brown bear.


This was a good buck we named Loppy, I've been planning on shooting him with my bow ever since we had him in velvet, I felt like hunting him with a gun would be to easy and kill the satisfaction, plan to hunt him some more with my dad's new bow mine is just too slow, Might get a new bow soon but it's really hard to just drop a grand for something you'll use for 4 months out of the year, being that im 15 money isn't as easy to come by, Please dont leave hate comments because if you do and it's only because you dislike hunting you're a complete idiot for watching hunting videos from the start, also we all half to learn what our weapons are capable of, I’m comfortable shooting a deer with my bow at 50 yards, but I know it couldn't get there in time,
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Tyler had a great doe hunt in Pennsylvania and did the right thing as a hunter on this doe hunt. If you've hunted long enough you've had a shot not hit where you want it to, but you have to do the deer justice and make sure that deer will live or put a follow up shot on the deer.

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The title says it all... Needless to say there are two, crazy, action packed turkey hunts you don't want to miss. Enjoy the show!


Very rarely do deer hunters get to hear a whitetail make these sounds let alone capture it on film. Tom was lucky enough to have a camera with him as this buck puts on a show while tending a doe.

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A Grunt-Snort-Wheeze noise from a male whitetail buck is a sign of aggression. It means he's mad, and it's a dandy idea for you to go away!

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Bears are to the far left on the ridge one running from left to right in the first segment. To the middle and right with 2 bears wrestling on the far path in the second segment.