Moultrie M-990i Trail Camera UNBOXING Review

5 years ago
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Published on Nov 7, 2013

The Moultrie M-990i trail camera features 720 HD video and 10MP photos.
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We thought this camera was good for the price. Don't pay more than $150 retail for it. Local hunting stores in my area start the game cam at $199. We first noticed right off the bat there is an American flag on the side of the box indicating it was made in America, right? Wrong! Made in China like everything, but what do you expect for a price like this. Dirty little marketing trick in my opinion, but lets move on. Next dirty trick is claiming it's 720 HD. Common in Chinese made cameras, is the to digitally enlarge the image to play as the size of an HD image, but compromising picture quality by enlarging pixels. I am very disappointed they are getting away with this. There is no reason they can't offer true 720 HD for that price. On a positive note, the design is exceptional. It's very easy to view images in the field, although the LCD screen is of mediocre quality. Opening to access the game camera's control panel is perfect and changing batteries is way less of a hassle than the Cuddeback trail cameras I've had. Another good thing about having the LCD viewer, is aiming the game cameras in the field. The camera also features barometer readings, moon phases, records temperature, time/date and a manual GPS record. You have to manually put in the GPS coordinates . You can also enter your own trail camera name in the info bar and choose whether you want that bar shown on your video or pictures.

You can set video to "HD" or VGA. The time between arming can be as little as 5 seconds. There is a time laps feature that only allows time laps at a period during sunset and sunrise. The camera programs itself by light for these times. In other words you can't just let it take pictures all day. No video option for time laps, just pictures. You can still allow motion detection in time laps mode so you don't miss a shot when watching feeding and rut patters. Battery life seems to be excellent. In my next video, I will run through a detailed demonstration of the trail camera options and how to set your camera up.

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