Lucky Shot on a Monster Buck!

5 years ago
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Tim Roller and the Whitetail Journey team are on a never ending Journey in search of 100% wild, fair chase, mature Whitetails. Watch as their obsession takes them across the Midwest. This is real-world hunting to the core. If you love chasing big Whitetails, you'll relate each and every week as you watch the Whitetail Journey team getting the job done on ground they lease or get permission on. The highs....the'll experience the entire year 'round Journey! Sunday's at 6:30 pm EST during the "Whitetail Only" block. Check them out online: How would you like to be part of the fastest growing online community of Sportsman from across the world? Like Sportsman Channel on Facebook for a chance to win fan exclusive prizes and follow us on Twitter for the latest conversations related to outdoors topics!/SPORTSMANchnl We are also active on Google+ ( and Pinterest ( Sportsman Channel is the only network catering exclusively to the 82 million Americans who make hunting, shooting and fishing a part of their lifestyle. Sportsman Channel delivers the best in destination, how-to, and entertainment programming to the American Sportsman. Whitetail, Bow-hunting, Hunting, Whitetail Journey, Deer Hunting

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