Huge Stone Sheep taken with a bow by Paul Korn and Randy Ulmer

3 years ago
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Paul Korn of A-1 Archery and Randy Ulmer traveled to Dease Lake British Columbia to hunt Stone Sheep on Todigan Mountain with Troy Creyke in August of 2004. This hunt was awesome as they walked into the Stone Sheep area from Hwy 37 after Troy's wife dropped them off. Both Sheep were killed on day 4, Randy scored with his Hoyt that morning and as he was packing off the mountain that afternoon, Paul took his with a Mathews SQ2. Both these sheep were spotted on the first day and they patiently waited for them to get into a good spot and ended up with the 2 biggest sheep they laid eyes on! Wish they would have taken more footage, it was tough trying to deal with everything involved and to mess with video, they also had rain the first couple of days that made it tough to video. Happy Hunting!

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