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Uploaded on Sep 14, 2010

Tea candles in a coffee can below a secondary can. One can contains syrup, the other bacon grease. The candles burn for about 4 hours and the wind has never blown them out.

Note these pots actually have too much grease and syrup in them (it had been a couple years since I used them). Use half as much (about 1/2"), to allow the full amount of scent possible to get into the air as it slow cooks. When you can see the wisps of smoke coming out of the's perfect.


Published on Sep 6, 2012

DYI Homemade Scent Blocker :
To make a homemade scent blocker, mix 1 quart of distilled water, 1/2 cup of baking soda, 1 quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and 1 ounce of unscented body wash. Mix until the baking soda dissolves. The homemade scent blocker will give off some gases.

Bottling the Mixture:
Do not tighten the lids on the spray bottle or jug---leave them slightly unscrewed so the gases in the mixture can escape. Let the homemade scent bottler stand in a dark place for three days.

Applying the Scent Blocker:
Use the homemade scent blocker as a soap to wash your body and hair.
Do not apply scented deodorant after you are done showering or bathing. Dry your body and hair with a clean towel that was not washed in scented detergent. Spritz your body and hair with the scent blocker. Spray your clothes, boots and other gear. Carry the spray bottle with you to the forest or other hunting area and spray yourself again after you exit your vehicle. Avoid getting the scent blocker in your eyes and mouth.



Published on Sep 16, 2012

Here, I show you how to make your own scent elmination spray. This will cost you $0 and takes less than an hour which includes prep.


Chad & Gerald Screaming Heat

Code Blue is well known among hunters as one of the absolute best producers of hunting scents in the game today. And their hottest new estrous scent, the aptly named Screamin' Heat, keeps the company's image as one of the world's leaders intact.

Developed through extensive scientific research, Cold Blue Screamin' Heat is 100% pure estrous that is collected with meticulous accuracy. This is further enhanced with all-natural female secretions to make the scent as completely realistic as possible.

The patented collection process that has helped make Code Blue the stellar company that it is today is once again utilized in their Screamin' Heat deer scent. This process ensures that every bottle is as pure and fresh as possible. More importantly, it ensures that each bottle is from a single, individual doe in estrus. In fact, this collection and bottling process is where Code Blue's slogan "From One Deer to One Bottle" comes from. No other company does it like Code Blue does.

Code Blue