Satiate Your Hunting Lust With Mobile Apps


Do you eat, sleep, and breathe hunting? Do you find yourself daydreaming about your favorite hunting memories or drooling over the latest outdoor gadgets and gizmos you absolutely must have for your next excursion? If you are a self-confessed hunting addict, you just might want to satiate your desire by adding a few hunting apps to your smartphone or tablet. While a hunting app will never equal that soul-stirring rush you feel when you are trekking through the great outdoors, being able to quell your lust until hunting season opens makes these apps well worth discovering.

Hunting Bag

Available from VukSoft, the Hunting Bag iOS app offers everything from hunt details to blind ranking. Users of this app can score their favorite blinds and hunting spots, can track their hunts season by season, and can view their hunts by species too. Whether you are hunting duck or quail, deer or caribou, you can track your progress with this app. Weather data can be entered, hunting pictures can be shared, and weapon of choice can be monitored via the Hunting Bag app. (

Hunting Status Available for Android devices, the Hunting Status app gives users access to GPS coordinates for over 2000 hunting hot spots. Users of this app can monitor hunting reports, receive hunting predictions, and receive status reports from other hunters within their geographical area. Hunting Status connects users with hunting events and tournaments, offers connections to outfitters and guides, and can even connect users with discounted deals specific to hunting enthusiasts. (

Hunting Planner Checklist

Hunting Planner Checklist is available for Android smartphones and tablets. This app allows users to track data regarding their camping gear, their hunting licenses, and their weapons and ammunition too. Tasks can be assigned to specific items like obtain land permit licenses, fuel up all terrain vehicles, and adjust scopes on rifles. Each item on a task list can be ranked according to priority and alarms can be set to ensure no task is overlooked. For busy hunters with plenty on the go, this app is a must. (

These are just three of numerous apps available to hunting enthusiasts. From apps that allow you to play hunting games using the touch screen of your digital device to apps that allow you to track your kills according to species and sub-species, there are plenty of engaging apps to feed your lust for the thrill of the kill. Which of these apps will you be adding to your arsenal this year?